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'First,Second and Third Drop' CD Siren Records 014

Monday, 21 April 2008

Siren Records (Japan) shall release 'First,Second and Third Drop'in May 2008.
The album was recorded in January 1986 and remained unreleased until now.
Some edits and final remastering were completed since2004 and the sleeves are
now being made by Faraway Press with a final release date expected to be in May.
There is a Japanese language version that will be well distributed within Japan
and also an English language edition that should be largely distributed from Die Stadt (Germany).These regional differences are represented in the obi that accompanies
the mini LPstyle CD sleeve.

Tracks are :

1. Procession

2. The Flying Fish

3. Advent

4. It's Past

5. The Sky Collapsed

Catalogue No. Siren 014

edition size : 500 copies

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