Sunday, 22 February 2009

Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki 'The Shadows Go Their Own Way'

Our second full length album of recordings will be released by Siren Records on 1st March 2009.Cat No. Siren 015

In hand made sleeves of an edition of 300 copies on CD.

'The Shadows Go Their Own Way'
took easily as long as its predecessor 'The Days After' to complete.After many planned sequences and pieces
it suddenly and quite unexpectedly became finished last autumn.
Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering gave
the recordings a real touch of magic and we are completely happy with the final shape and sound of everything.

Thanks go out to Naoko Suzuki who gave some vocals to two tracks and to Vikki
Jackman for her inimitable piano playing on track #11 'Mirages'.

'The Shadows Go Their Own Way' is packaged in mini LP style Japanese sleeve
with insert and obi,lined in beautiful Claret paper :


2.One April Morning


4.A Corridor Of Wind

5.Sunshine In A Net

6.A Night Sketch

7.Since Then

8.When There Is No Place left To Go

9.Oriental Motif

10.Movement In Space


12.Remain In Silence

13.A Hill At The Height Of Summer

It may be of interest to know that there are three different versions of
the piece 'A Night Sketch',one of which appears on this album.
Another part appears under the credit of Vikki Jackman on 'Lasting'
cassette compilation released by Pineapple Tapes in the USA.
The third part will appear on a planned 12" later in the year.

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Alex said...

How can I buy this? I can't seem to find anywhere I can.